Hello and Welcome


My Name is Rae and I am a mother to three amazing children: Porschia, Vladimir and Maxim. This is where my business name came from, MVP Photography! I am lucky enough to keep falling in love with the same guy for over 20 years now!  My family and I moved to De Pere in 2020, it was crazy! 


I absolutely love coffee shops, animals, and gummy nerds.  I'm obsessed with them actually!


I'm so happy you stopped by! There are many photographers in the De Pere/Green Bay area, it means a lot you have taken the time to check out my work. I strive to give my clients the best, and I am so excited to get the opportunity to do the same for you. I am not a prop photographer.  I would say my main focus is the subject(s) but am always happy to incorporate some props because they can be so much fun! 

 I would describe my work as simple yet a little bold.